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2023 TAEA Summer Ed Camp

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2023 TAEA Summer Ed Camp Registration

 We are eagerly planning our summer conference! Here is a sneak peek of the informative sessions we have scheduled.

  • Keynote: Captain Charlie Clark- Robertson County SRO division. A son of a long time Robertson County educator, Captain Clark has spent his career equipping school officers and educational leaders to ensure safety is a top priority. Captain Clark will share his expertise, tips, and suggestions on how to keep our school community safe. 


  • Naloxone training- participants will leave certified to administer Narcan. Better to be trained and not need it than need it and not be trained! 
  • Robertson County Family Resource staff will facilitate conversations with participants about removing obstacles for families/students to aid in better student health, attendance, and academic achievement. 
  • How do we manage these students? Mr. Capps will facilitate conversations regarding rules vs. routines. You may have rules, but how do they become a routine? 
  • “I haven’t learned it… YET!” Charles Williams will facilitate conversations around moving from “I can’t to I can” through transforming our mindset.
  • Moving is Medicine! Physical educators are encouraged to bring activities and strategies to share with those who lead physical activity at their school. With the increase of mental health challenges, we feel ensuring students have time to move is MEDICINE!
  • Counseling corner sessions will be hosted for school counselors to discuss school topics related to course offerings, SEL and ready graduate requirements.

Administrator sessions include but not limited to:

  • Handbook review- bring your current school handbook.
  • Educator recruitment and retainment
  • Course Offerings Behavioral services
  • Hidden in Plain Sight “
  • The way we do business.”
  • School Climate  
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